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Black Church Agenda

What is the Black Church Agenda?

Our Question:

How would God have us (as Black Clergy) lead such that our people

would not just survive, but achieve His Thriving – His Shalom –

in the communities we are called to serve?

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Phase I: Identifying
the issues

Jul 2022 - Jun 2023


Together, we will discern the will of God. We will Convene focus groups of Black clergy to identify the issues they deem most important.  To achieve this, we have asked them three questions:

  • First: What do you see as the three greatest challenges for YOUR local church OR for THE local church that a Black Church Agenda might address. 

  • Second: What do you see as the three greatest issues for the Black Church that a Black Church Agenda might address? 

  • Third: What do you see as the three greatest issues or challenges for the Black Community of the United States?

  • Fourth: Finally, if this Black Church Agenda has exceeded our wildest dreams, what impact would have been achieved that is most greatly appreciated?

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Phase II:

Dec 2023 -Apr 2024


Phase II will focus on the Consensus Driven Agenda. We will identify the top priorities and sequence them in a way that makes sense.  We will use the group's wisdom to answer the question, “Which of these issues if resolved first, will help us resolve the following issues more easily?” 


We do this by finding a consensus in the clergy community that wishes to participate.  We call this process the Consensus Driven Agenda.  We also develop a strategy to address the top agreed-upon issues.

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Phase III:

Projected May 2024!

Phase III will create an Implementation Plan to address the Black Church Agenda.  We will focus on Identifying the resources –training, finances, partners, people, places—needed to “make it happen.”  Then support the community of Black clergy to implement the plan.

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